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When my husband and I were first dating, he shared with me the legacy that his father, Cy Brunner, left to him. Although I was never privileged enough to meet him, I have since learned that he was a wonderful faith-filled human being with a talent for writing music. He wrote this beautiful song, Seeds of Peace, for Tom's First Communion:

Seeds of Peace
by: Cyril N. Brunner

Somewhere there's a place, where sundown never falls.
Where love is in the air we breathe, and freedom fills the walls.
Where hatred never knows, a friendly place to call.
While laughter walks the streets with joy and knows no bounds at all.
Where you and I can live in peace, with hope that never dies.
Where truth lives in the hearts of men, and six feet down the lies.
Where peace is not an empty word, but what we feel inside.
Love is not a passing fad, but what we cannot hide.
If answers could be put in words that wise men could write down.
If story books could tell us why the blood falls to the ground.
Then love would be a simple thing, hatred just a sound, and the peace that we've been looking for
would long ago been found.
But as it is, we live in doubt. Confusion. Trouble. War.
Things are not what they appear as we gaze from afar.
A man is just a man, no better than you are, but if two or three can learn to love,
than why not a thousand more?
Legislation cannot say we'll never fight again.
Peace and love cannot be lost to which we all must bend.
For hearts cannot be locked inside a book that has an end.
The path of peace and road of love is neither smooth nor fast.
It's not a game in which we try to be the first or last.
Let's throw away our toys of hate, and lie down in the grass.
Let the love inside us grow and Let the seeds of peace be cast.....

The first time that Tom and I exchanged Christmas gifts, I wrote out the lyrics and had them framed because I was incredibly moved by the idea. The idea of writing your child a song from your heart as a gift. The idea that even amidst the craziness of life (and war and violence), we can find peace.

Sadly, Tom's father passed away when Tom was only seven, and his sister Julie was only 5. Cancer took him so quickly, that I'm sure that it felt like a whirlwind. How my heart breaks at the thought of losing a father so young. (And my God, now, as a wife, of losing your husband so young!) When I have talked with Tom's mom about it, she says that he handled it with such grace....

In this beautiful Catholic faith that we have, and the glorious communion of saints, I sometimes find myself in prayer with Cy because we are indeed connected. But oh how I wish I could  talk with him about how Tom was when he was little, for advice for now, and for a different perspective on faith. I wish that he truly knew his grandsons, and that they knew him. So that is why this song is important. To help Grandad Cy become real to them. Real to me.  This blog is meant as a connection to him, to our God, and to anyone who is longing for peace. The road is rocky, but God is so much bigger than it all. This is a space meant to be a little corner for hope. Welcome.
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