Thursday, April 5, 2012

PHFR ~ {blooms and boys}

{ Pretty }

Oh how I love my dogwood in my front yard. The boys and I use it to watch the turning of the seasons and observe the birds that use it for shelter. 

{ Happy }

As I prepared dinner last night, and as Joe was getting ready for his piano lesson, Max crawled onto the piano bench to see what big brother was doing. Joe said, "Come on Max. Let's play!". Now this is huge. Normally, Joe calls me in to get Max away.... but this time, they just sat and made music. How this made my heart happy.

{ Funny }

Bathtime! Max was happily splashing when he heard the door creak open and Joe surprised him. This was a hilariously fun 30 minutes of screaming (with joy) and playing hide and seek. Adorable.

{ Real }

So. This homemade soup is gluten, dairy, egg, beef, and rice free. Yes. All of that. Joe is "sensitive" to these foods and has had trouble with digestion since he was born. So we have been looking for ways to eliminate foods that cause stress and add healing foods. (The soup is delicious. And made with REAL ingredients. But to cook like this, as much as I love it, takes REAL time.) We are learning. And becoming more REAL.

Blessed Easter to all....

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