Friday, July 20, 2012

To Max ~ who colors our world....

Colors swirled on paper 
mirrors your life
swirled in hearts full of gratitude

     Oh Max! Dearest child that has brought such joy-filled crazy to our household. How can we ever begin to thank God for the incredible gift of you? YOU. Our very own "Miracle Max" who came into being at the moment you were so incredibly needed...Grace indeed.

     I love to watch you with your daddy, to see his heart melt into a puddle every time you call for him or bring him a book to read or snuggle in tight. You helped to remind him that life is wonderful and silly and I honestly have never seen him more alive....

     And Joe, your big brother? It has been amazing to watch him with you. To see the care and love that he has shown you, along with the playfulness that has emerged? What a gift indeed. I know that sometimes he gets impatient with you (well, we all do) and it is only because you still have things to teach us. Remind us. We are listening, I promise.

     For me, certainly color my world, my dear..... with streaks of bright bubbly radiance and shades of wonder. Forever, you have changed this mama's heart, and forever, I will look to you for dashes of color when the grayness of life creeps in....

     So my prayer for you, my baby boy, is that you will always have this enthusiasm for life. That you may look to our God for comfort and peace and unbounding love. That you will know the gift of you. That you will continue to color the world with the essence of you.

All my heart.
~Mama x0x0 

P.S. Loving, too, that you love learning your prayers and that you say "Alleluia" when it's time to turn on your music for bedtime....

Sharing gratefully with Moments of Grace

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