Thursday, January 24, 2013

PHFR ~ Winter

~ Pretty ~

Trees capture the beauty of light, darkness, and shadows, and in the snowy bleakness of winter, I just can't get enough of them. 
They frame the beauty of the world in such a way that makes me take notice of all that is seen. 
And unseen.

~ Happy ~

This picture isn't just about the bread. It is about the physical act of making this bread with my son, Joe. Joe has a tendency to have an insensitivity to gluten, and we have been trying to limit our use of it. He has done beautifully with gluten-free bread sandwiches... 
But when we had a snow day, I told him that if he helped me to create this bread, that he could have some to actually eat. 
We had the BEST time kneading and shaping and talking. I didn't take pictures, because, well, I was living the moment with my son. Connecting, sharing, shaping.... 
This bread is a picture of delicious happiness that happened because of sharing with my son.... 

~ Funny ~

Oops. Mommy forgot to get suitable mittens/gloves for Max. And when the first snow hit, he was going outside no matter what. (Not to worry, mittens have been purchased since, and will be put to good use!)

~ Real (and Really Funny) ~

So. Some of my dad's family is from Texas, and for as long as I can remember, he has loved Davy Crockett. (And when we visited San Antonio and the Alamo? Well, it was like watching a little kid....) 
Thus, the inspiration for the coon-skin caps for the grandchildren this Christmas. 
Trying to photograph them all with their caps on was a scream....and these two pics capture some of the hilarious-ness of gathering them together. 
But in some ways, I love these pictures because if they had all been smiling, we would have wondered what was wrong with them.... 
Life isn't always about pretty pictures or calm children. 
It is about the rough and tumble crazy that comes with the beauty of a life lived with excitement and joy.

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