Monday, September 19, 2011

Gratitude Multitudes ~ #451-485

  My husband Tom and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday, and I cannot begin to describe the joyfulness in my heart for the gift of my husband. My gratitude to God for him is simply overflowing. To be gifted a companion so in tune with my heart? Yes. That is grace, indeed. (Grace....infused with unbelievable amounts of patience and love.)
    And I need to tell you a little story. On our wedding night, we needed to stop and pick up a few essentials (read: we forgot our toiletries bag). So here we are at 9 p.m. at night in a not-so-wonderful part of downtown Norfolk at the CVS. And it's pouring rain. When we were done shopping, Tom sheltered me as much as possible as we raced to the car in the pouring rain. Laughing. 

It was locked. 
With the keys inside.

     So back into the store we went to wait for the locksmith. The store was closing, and I believe that we even offered to help clean up. I am SURE that they thought we were crazy. Two dressed up people waiting for a locksmith. Still holding hands. Still laughing.

Only us.

     Fast forward 16 years. A lovely dinner out at Old Bookbinder's in downtown Richmond. Lovely, lively conversation of two people who never seem to run out of things to say....Holding hands. Laughing.

Then the sheer look of horror as he realizes....
No wallet.

     (And no. I didn't bring mine. He told me he was taking me out to dinner.)

Luckily, he found a credit card in my car. After much worry and "Can you believe this?" ... It worked out. 

But oh. I realize....the more things change, the more they stay the same. :) 

Only us. Still laughing. Still holding hands. And it's all good.

Linking up with Ann today.... and so grateful today for:

memories and laughter and togetherness
the gift of love
holding hands in the car
shelter from the storms of life
"Seek Ye First"
tulips and irises (love by mail)
homemade chicken soup
the last of the "red hot zinnias"
football weather
football parties
cheering on the Redskins
pizza night with Kellie
prayers whispered in the car
Opening Mass at Joe's new school
hugs from former colleagues
teachers who love my child
hugs from former students
laughter and silliness.....STILL
the look of understanding
another heart-felt talk with Whitney
making dinner for Whitney
salted caramel gelato
snuggling on the couch
old episodes of "Mad About You"
moonflowers that scent my porch
orange-red chrysanthemums
cinnamon spice candles
clear, cool evenings filled with birdsong
listening to"Old Yeller" on CD
Joe's laughter at the "silly yeller dog"
singing Sesame Street favorites
parties in the field
seeing new baby Brady
basil profusion
change of season


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  1. Funny story, sweet memories:) Our 15th is this year. Congrats! I love old Mad about You episodes! And salted caramel gelato--got to get me some!


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