Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Jedi Knight....(In God's Army)

This world can be scary. And because of that, I really try my hardest to continually teach my children about our God. Our faith. And I do that in some of the usual ways. We use Magnifikid to read the readings and Gospel for the week. (Joe loves the comic at the beginning of Brother Goodventure.) We also use storybooks, pray the rosary, and act out stories of the saints.

But lately. Well. Most everything has revolved around Star Wars. Joe has become enthralled with the idea of daring Jedi Knights and life in a galaxy that is far far away. In fact, it appears that everyone is really in Star Wars. This summer, he looked closely at one of his golf instructors and said, "Please don't think I'm being mean. But. You REALLY look like Obi Wan Ken-obi!" The sweet man just said, "Why thank you. At least I don't look like Chewbacca."

When I sat and thought about why this is so fascinating, I realized that maybe it's easier to focus on something that is not real. I clearly recognize how scary the idea of this world can be. (And truthfully, how scary God can be!) Even though I have come to understand the comfort of His love, and not just be overwhelmed by the power of Him. I can reason and question and cry, and come right back around. Because I have learned how to do that. But what about when you are a child? When you are nine, it's really about the power, isn't it?

As we were going over Religion vocabulary words the other day, Joe and I came across the word angel. A pure spirit who was created to glorify God. A messenger. Although he knew the definition, I could see that he was wrestling with the idea.

"Hey kiddo. Whatcha thinking?"

"Well. I just want to know WHY I can't be an angel. I would love to be able to be pure spirit. And. It would make it easier to go to a galaxy far far away."

AH. The whole Star Wars dilemma.....

"Joe. Don't you know that your soul is given by God? That your very spirit is real? You have the ability to share God's love in THIS galaxy. Let Luke take care of everyone else, and you be a warrior for God on our little planet. What do you think about that?"

"I guess so. You mean like a Jedi Knight for God? But I'm just nine."

"Yes. But remember, if God is in your heart, you, too, can do great things. Even at nine. I heard you tell Max about light sabres and I heard you tell him that light is good. Well isn't that like the light of Christ? Think about Star Wars and how you can be a Jedi for Him. And the force? Well. I like to think that the Holy Spirit is that driving force."

"OK mommy. I'll think about that. I will."

That's all I can ask really. That he continue to think about how his life makes a difference in this world. How his heart can be on fire for God no matter what. And if it takes Star Wars to help do it? Well.... that's OK, too.

May the force be with you!

Max as Jedi-in-training

Using the force...For God

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  1. That's awesome! Anytime we can help them understand God a little better by using something they understand in their every day life it is a great teaching moment. What a great way to explain it!


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