Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday (well, on Saturday) ~ Quiet

Joe.... Oldest child of my heart.... 
How much you have taught me by your life. 
I *KNOW* that I am a loud, loud mama.
I do.  

It's hard, this quiet thing that you are so fond of. 
(I mean, your daddy and I once talked for an entire day and night.)

How is it that you, since birth really, knew that you needed alone time? 

You have helped me to quiet down. 

Look up.

Look down.

To stare at the wonder of it all.

To see that hidden butterfly (that I would have missed with all of my talking)
To see the tiny ants carrying food (as I asked about your day)
To hear the wind in the trees (as I am wondering what in the world is for dinner and asking you if you have homework)
To listen to the whisper of God amid the chaos....

(I thought that I was supposed to teach you?)

Your insight is a gift. 
A gift I need.

Quiet child, keep teaching. 
Keep me grounded with your silence.

I promise to listen....

Joyfully joining in (a day late...) with Lisa-Jo and all the rest of the wonderful women at Five Minute Friday.

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