Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little bit of magic ~ {PHFR}

Once in awhile, there is a picture that captures so much of my heart that I just wonder if it is still inside of my body. 
When a moment of magic pierces the ordinary with such a fierceness that it melts away all of the everyday-ness and becomes a snapshot for the ages.

Our normally vivacious Max stared at this dear Santa and looked back at us with such quiet wonder that it made me stop. 
And just observe. 

(I recognize that this is a tough thing for me. I like to be smack in the middle of the action. Laughing, talking....being. But my energetic two-year-old taught me to be quiet. 
Seems that I am ever-learning things from my children....especially this year.)

He then left our side and walked boldly up to him and climbed onto his lap. 
Not saying anything.
Just looking.
Just listening.
And eventually accepting a candy cane.

It was a moment gone too soon, but one that will forever be filled with.... child's perfect amazement
....the warmth of my husband's hand in mine

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