Friday, March 18, 2011

On Waiting

I've linked up with with, and am following The Gypsy Mama’s advice and spending 5 minutes once a week to “take the chance to just write, and not worry if it’s just right or not....head on over there to see what others were pondering ;)
On Waiting
Thinking back to this time last year, I was joyfully expecting (waiting!) for our dear son to continue growing and stretching and moving in my belly. Oh how we waited for him! Our firstborn was already eight years old, and we just weren't sure that this new baby, this blessing, would ever BE.
Gut-wrenching, piercing, horrendous pain is what I think of when I hear the word waiting.....for it took us 6 years for our first child, and 8 years for our second. I was indeed waiting for my houseful of children when I was first married..... But my body knows that I don't have time to wait for another 8 years.... so my prayer has again become, "Please God, help me to bear this waiting with patience. My heart cannot hold it all. I need your peace. Your guidance. Your strength."  Will we be blessed with another little one?! We'll have to "wait in joyful hope" for it........
Whew. O.K. So that was fun, and I am so very glad that I found this link. Please feel free to comment and let me know that you stopped by... (This is only my second post, so I know it's rather bare!)


  1. I am your first follower!! I am also a new blogger and so appreciated your comment today that I had to stop by. I like your writing style and often link to the same blogs as you did. Don't you just love being a mom to boys??? :)

  2. How sweet Misty! And thank you. Ah yes, those boys. They make life so sweet, so full, and I am indeed blessed. :)

  3. Some say a watched pot never boils ... but one that's left unattended will certainly boil over and burn.

    I have always looked at my kids the way my father saw me. He was a great cook and we spent hours talking in the kitchen as I was growing up. He said I wasn't given to him as a gift because I belonged to the lord. He said - He was given to me as my protector, teacher, caretaker. Kids, he said, are like pots ... left alone ... they boil over and the contents is ruined. God enlists those who will watch over a pot with great care so that the Lord's kitchen is full of a bounty that will feed the hearts of those to come.

    I think that you can't look at yourself as waiting. Each day you stir the hearts and minds of your two pots and the lord sees that as the most important job you can have in his kitchen. Keep stirring and your own heart will be ever full of flavor and pride in such an important job he has bestowed on you.


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