Friday, March 25, 2011

Waking Life

Teaming up with Gypsy Mama again today for Five Minute Friday. Write for 5 minutes, no editing (yikes!), and then link back to her site. :)  Have fun and join in!


As my mind slowly comes back from my dreams, I awaken to the sounds of those that I love. My husband breathing next to me, the soft coos of my baby, and the footsteps of his older brother coming down the stairs to greet us. As Joe snuggles in with daddy, I rise and make my way to get Max... and am greeted with a smile that is just for me. Mama. Mommy. Little hands reaching, ready to be held, to be cradled, to be loved....

Joe moves over to make way for us, and suddenly, morning has become a time of remembering what we are here for. What God has given to us. What a gift this life is! Although there are many things to do, we take a little extra time to just be.... Waking up to this. To life. With each other.



  1. Oh, how I love the Mama smile! My little one does a baby dance with a big grin on his 5-month old face when I go pick him up, and it may be the best sight ever! I'm smiling right now just thinking about it. Thanks for the reminder of that precious gift.

  2. Lovely :) I miss the happy smiling phase of babyhood. Great job on your 5 min post :)

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  3. I love those grins just for Mommy! I get a lot of them around here!

  4. Visiting from 5min Fridays. It sounds like you have a first floor bedroom, am I right? I would love a first floor bedroom!!!

  5. Hi Mary Jo,

    Your post is beautiful - the essence of family love and peaceful togetherness. The best!
    I am so honored you put my blog on your sidebar between two of my favorite "real" bloggers! :)
    And yes, I would love to have coffee with you...if only via the computer!


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