Thursday, March 31, 2011

Puzzling ~ Part two

     So. When Joe came home today, I happened to be soothing his fussy brother, so he said, "Love you mommy. Come in the dining room when you can." When Max was finally settled, I put him in his high chair and we headed to the dining room. As we chatted about Joe's day, his science test, indoor recess, and all the rest, I watched as he just....worked. I would pick up a piece and he would say, "Up there, to the left."  Amazing. He steadfastly worked until every piece was in place. Here is his creation:

     I have always loved puzzles, but will admit that this one was pretty difficult. What a great time this was with my son. My own little puzzle just waiting for all of the pieces to fit....waiting for help from mommy, daddy, and God to help him recognize his uniqueness, his greatness, his heart. Oh what fun we will have!

1 comment:

  1. We lived 11 miles south of the Pentagon for 5 years and used to run around the DC mall. Love this puzzle.


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