Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Welcome home, sis...

It's Friday ~ Time for a little quick write.... The prompt today is: welcome.

My sis is the one on the far right. :) In a truck. In the desert. In a war.


Of the three of us girls, she is the girliest.
She actually played with the barbies (not just cut their hair or hurled them out of the trees).
She took ballet.
She loved dresses. The prettier, frillier, the better. (And to this day, STILL has the best closet to borrow from.)

Yet she is the one who joined the Army.
She dressed in combat boots.
She handled a machine gun....and liked it.

Oh my little sis, Katie... How I love her.
And on this, this Fourth of July weekend, I am even more amazed by her.

When she decided to go to Germany several years ago, we all held our breath, for we knew what it meant.
She was closest to being chosen to go to Iraq.
And go she did.

So what does a family do when their daughter and sister are far from home?
We ask her what she needs.

And then we send it.

(Starbucks coffee, filters, cream, sugar... enough fixin's for a coffee bar in the desert. It filled my parent's living room because it was what we could physically do. It's what we could do when what we wanted to do was fly to her and just. Well. Just BE there.)
We pray. Hard.

And when she comes home, well...
It's a homecoming worth celebrating.
Meeting her at the airport with balloons. (There were about 30 of us. Plus all of the other people in the airport who stopped, shook her hand, and said quiet words of "Thank you".)
With posters.
With love. And hugs. And open arms.

Welcome home, sis. Gosh how we had missed you.
Your smile.
Your laughter.
Your phone calls.

How grateful we are for you and for your service.....
You are loved, little sis....


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  1. wow. so much emotion in such simple words.
    you moved me.

  2. Please send Katie a big Thank You for all you do! from me!!

    And thank you too Mary Jo....


  3. Little Katie? Mighty Katie! Heart-stopping images. And we, in the Moscarello clan, will soon rejoice at our son's homecoming when Tom arrives back in Florida after a year working for a contractor in Iraq. This makes the world seem so much smaller to think of two old neighbors over there and yet so huge to think of the distance we connected through with our prayers, Skype, e-mails, phone calls. Love hearing about the Olenick reunion. Thanks, Katie!

  4. tears. God bless your sister for her service to our country, and for the sacrifice she and your whole family makes.

  5. God bless her and thank her for keeping America the land of the free and the brave!

  6. Please pass on my own "Thank you and welcome home" to your sister.
    I picked up my husband from the airport last night and witnessed dozens of soldiers on their way home for visits. It was very touching to me, and moving, to think of their excited loved ones waiting for them at home.

  7. ...sorry, I had to wipe my eyes and blow my nose! The sacrifice of your sister and your family...are there thanks enough? My cousin's son was going back. Yet, like your sister, it feels too far removed from me. And my gratitude does not feel enough!
    My prayers are with you all. Thank you for moving my heart today!

  8. Thank you to your sister and all of those who have served and are serving. Their willingness to sacrifice and give of themselves so that we can live in freedom and safety is an amazing gift. Happy Independence Day to you and your family. :)

  9. Ahhhhh...this is amazing. I can only imagine how sweet it must be to welcome her home!!


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