Monday, July 18, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ Summertime #352-378

     Ah summer. That lovely time of relaxed schedules, sandals, and time in the sun. Water-play, sun-play, friend-play. A time to slow down, drink iced tea with LOTS of lemon, and remember how it was in the old days. Seeing tomatoes on my windowsill brings back sweet memories of grandparents and working in their gardens (and being given sweet cherry tomatoes as payment). Counting today the gifts that summertime brings....

windowsill of summer
sweet cherry tomatoes
Rachel's refrigerator pickle recipe
sweet newborn baby Brady
Jen (and the kids)
Angie's hugs
Eileen and family
playing in the pool
Max's backwards wave
fireworks with the fam
dad's barbecue chicken
old childhood books
books in the mail
room temperature weather
Busch Gardens day with friends
Lucy playing in the water
Tom and Max in the water
reading and laughing with Joe
ice cream time
house contract for Katie and Dan
"hi Auntie Em" from Lance
time with my parents
girl time with Whit and Lauren
bruschetta with fresh tomatoes
Max's first birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Max! The first year flies by fast and they change so much in that time. Miss Pretty will be celebrating in August. I'll cherish these moments and give thanks for the gifts that they are. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing your summer. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Max and to his mom and dad and big brother who are celebrating one year of joy because of him!

  3. My oldest will turn 5 in August and my youngest will turn one. My middle can not figure out why she doesn't get a birthday next month too :) What a wonderful list!


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