Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Max ... on his first birthday

 One year ago today (about 9 hours from now), my darling second child, Maximilian Thomas, entered this world. What a blessing he has been, what a blessing he is. Named for Saint Maximilian Kolbe (who gave his life for another) and also for his daddy, he already has a strong spirit and a heart full of love. (I suppose all babies do, but this one....well....there is just a radiance about him sometimes.....


Dearest Max,
     Oh sweet boy. How quickly you have captured this mama's heart. When you entered the world with arms and eyes open wide, on that hot July 21st, I will never forget the deep intake of breath from your daddy, and his whispered, "He's here. He's beautiful. What a gift." How right he was....   
     From the moment I knew about you (that wonderful day after Thanksgiving) you were that breath of new life that to this day never fails to take my breath away. Your daddy is head over heels for you. His favorite thing to see is your arms outstretched and the smile that is just for him. (Oh I know, I have a special smile, too.) You were given to us. Straight from the heart of God. 
Our own version of The Princess Bride's Miracle Max.  ;)
     When you were so tiny, and became so sick in those first 2 weeks, I thought my heart would break. As you nestled against me, weak because of the pyloric stenosis, I wanted time to stop so that I could just hold you and rock you always. How glad I was when you were out of surgery. Out of danger. And back in my arms. (I have to tell you that I do love that you still like to listen to the "mama's heartbeat" bear. We would take naps together all curled up. I miss that....) But we have so much life ahead. So many things to discover....
     And how excited I am to continue to experience this world with you and your big brother. (For Joe is in love with you as well, you know. He has to cover his ears when you have one of your full-voice yells talks, but you are the first thing that he prays for. You are who he talks about. You. I think that you help him to relax a little and enjoy the silliness of life!) To see the two of you laughing and rolling on the floor is one of the most precious sights. I see you try to imitate him, and then he does something even sillier ...
     As your daddy and I attempt to navigate this little family in the middle of this sometimes-rocky sea of life, may you know that we are continually pointing you towards our God.
Our help.
Our rock.
      And as you grow, may you grow in love and in faith. Recognizing that we are here. For you. For forever.
      I adore you, my darling boy. Thank you for filling our hearts and our home with your presence. Your love. Your life.

Love always,
~Mama  xoxoxo



  1. Happy birthday to Max! What a sweet story, Mary Jo and what a powerful testimony to your faith and God's faithfulness.

  2. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. Blessings!

  3. Very sweet! Happy birthday to Max! It's amazing and sad how quickly that first year flies by.

  4. Thank you ladies....(And yes, how QUICKLY this first year has gone by.)


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