Monday, July 4, 2011

Multitudes....For the Fourth.... #315-351

Thinking today of this incredible country of ours.
The struggles....the triumphs....the blessings.

Stream in Warm Springs, VA

This weekend we drove over and through mountains and hills, and wound our way down deep into valleys. Exploring the richness of our state. One out of 50.
Fifty states with their own story of how they came into being. How they came together to form a nation.

And oh how I adore Virginia. Miles of waterfront. Four distinct seasons (well. usually.) Mountain majesties. Farmland dotted with exquisite barns and gnarled ancient trees. Mill towns that are feeling the strain but harbor people with an interminable spirit.

The American spirit. The American dream. The American experience. Hard-fought by a group of rag-tag farmers and country folk willing to say... Enough. Driving through the state that housed Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington. Human men with faults, yes. But oh. The passion and diligence regarding freedom!

Oh how grateful I am for that spirit. For that freedom. My freedom. My children's freedom.....

having brother-in-law Dan home from Afghanistan
privilege of being an American
fireworks that color the sky
eyes to see such natural beauty
ears to hear the laughter of my children
nursery workers who love Max
singing hymns of praise
true hugs and smile from Fr. Gregory
Mass at Incarnation
playground silliness
Tom on the monkey bars
Tom playing with Joe in the pool
Max giggly on the slide
long lazy weekends
country house picnic fun
The Wade family
The Cavey family
The Barber family
barbecue by the fire pit
fishing in crystal clear rivers
patient people who help my child cast his rod
...and help him cast....again....
Go-cart races around the field
ice cold lemonade
swiftly flowing river
Green Valley book fair
cool mountain breezes
reaching 1st major goal of 10 lbs. lost!
watching thundercloud formations
lightning magic in the clouds
"wow mommy. lightning like a magic wand"
impromptu stop to pet horses
calmness of Joe after being among horses
Max's silly faces and horse noises
vineyards full of fruit
places to run in the vineyard
wine tasting notes of "jammy and fruit-forward"

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  1. Beautiful pictures and list of graces, Mary Jo! I love your love of horses and the through-the-fence pictures are my favorites! Nice to meet you--here from Ann's today!


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