Thursday, December 15, 2011

PHFR ~ { heart decorations }

{ pretty real }

As a child, my sisters and I would traipse out to the Christmas tree farm and help my dad choose "just the tree". We had an older home with lovely high ceilings, but one year, we bought a tree that needed to be "trimmed" by about 4 feet. Tom and I have taken the tradition of a real tree and made it our own. I just adore its scent, and was even crazy brave enough to put it in our family room where we can enjoy it every day. Luckily, Max has been "gentle" with the tree.

{ happy }

I love our mantle-scape.  Pulling out these pictures every year just makes me smile. And remember. In the first, Joe at age 4 reading a book during a photo session. He always reads, so it was a perfect picture that captures him. In the second picture, a very skinny me with my college roomie Kristie. I miss her terribly, but love this one of us. Finally, the last picture shows Joe as a baby in a Santa hat, next to a very young Tom and I during our college days. Sweet times. Sweet memories. Happiness.

{ funny }

This reads, "First Christmas Together 1995" and it's funny to think about what I thought my life would be like. :)  I LOVE my life, but I have enjoyed watching it unfold as a surprising present much more than if I had been able to script it all. And under those two little mice? Can you see it? It's a bright ornament that says....HOPE. Indeed.

{ real }

This is what I mean about "scripting" your life.
You know how you always believe that your children are going to see Santa every year? And that they will love it? Well. This is the ONLY picture that I have of Joe with Santa. It was the year that he went with his cousin, Nicole, to "help her be brave". Hmm. I truly believe that Santa's "real-ness" was just overwhelming for him. And even though we don't have a mantle full of Santa pictures, my heart is full of Christmases past, and the hope of many more to come.

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