Monday, December 5, 2011

Preparing the way....

Prepare Ye, the Way of the Lord...
Prepare Ye, the Way of the Lord!

As I got down the Christmas boxes full of treasures and lights, Joe asked if he could set up the Nativity set again this year. This just touches my heart because he has been doing this for several years. And once he learned all about Epiphany, he takes special care to put the Magi on their "journey".

This year, we have a new piano, and it has become one of his favorite spots in the house. 
 Before I knew it, Mary, Joseph, the shepherd boy, and animals were being carefully arranged on top. ("Away from Max, mama.")  

"Joseph talking with a sheep."
When I asked him about the arrangement, he pointed to the piano bench and said, "Those three Magi there, well, they have a LONG way to go yet. See them talking? I bet they're arguing about which way to go..."

And as I thought about it, I began to wonder about that. As much as I take the time to pray and notice the beauty around me....I have NOT been good about calming myself down, and in fact, have been a bit short with my family. For what reason? Stress? I don't know.....but I am shamed by it. It's not who I strive to be. 

I am often unsure about the direction that I am headed in, when really, I should just be focusing on that Advent wreath with the tiny creche in the middle. The creche that is waiting for the Christ child. Like my heart is waiting for the Christ child.

We are enjoying reading about the saints, and walking with them on this Advent journey, using this little book:

Praying today, on this feast day of St. Nicholas, that the busyness of the season will not get the better of me....  

I love this quote for today:

"Advent is a time to expect God's intervention in our lives. It may be dramatic, or - more typically - quiet and perhaps not immediately evident. God may even use a bit of stealth, as the legendary Nicholas did, to gift us. May we keep the windows of our heart open!"

May you be gifted with love and unexpected joys this day! Peace.....

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