Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Multitudes ~ #436-450

     These last few weeks of summer have been filled with life, love, laughter, and friends. For me, there is nothing like feeling the connectedness with other human beings... Maybe it has something to do with turning 39. Recognizing that time is marching on and that I need to continue to remember the people in my life who make a difference. And sometimes, tears happen, too:

Me and Carol
     This is my dear friend Carol...who moved away when we were in 6th grade. (Which, by the way, is a horrendous year to lose your best friend. I felt oh so lost....At school, home, and church, my trusty sidekick was gone.) We kept in touch for awhile and then, well, life happened. Marriages, babies, moves. So thank goodness for technology that allowed us to find each other and reconnect. Reconnect with my first and best friend. Like no time had been lost, even though it had been (gasp) 26 or so years ago.  Chatting like two young schoolgirls while our children played and our husbands talked was a little surreal. (Aren't WE still in the 4th grade?!) I could have stayed up all night reminiscing, and was grateful that they came to my parent's home for breakfast. What a fabulous birthday present. I got to see my dearest friend. Reconnect. And be renewed. Lovely.

     Still counting...and thankful for:

Carol's laughter
remembering childhood
hugs that you just don't want to end
feeling like a kid again
quart jar of tomatoes from New Jersey
promises to "do this again soon"
watching kids enjoy water play
watching Carol's children dance
sausages and peppers and mozzarella
Tom and Pete corralling the kids
coming home to a friend
dad's breakfast casserole and hospitality
realization of true life-long friendships

The kiddos

Pop Pop and Max

Gratefully sharing here today:


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