Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Multitudes ~ #402-435

     Please excuse the randomness and stream-of-conscience writing...there is so much that is rambling through this lazy brain of mine that I just don't know where to begin.  :)   I have been away for awhile... 

     For the past two weeks, I have been so incredibly lucky that Tom has been home on vacation. Relaxing time, play time, let's-just-take-time-to-be-together time. I love that he has such a relaxed schedule in the summer (mainly because it helps me to be comfortable with the fact that we can be summer-lazy together.)  I have also been deep in prayer about friendships...

     We started the vacation at the beach with my sister (my first friend)and her adorable family. Heaven. (And as far as I am concerned, it was way too short a time.) Next up, Tom's 20th High School reunion. Time spent meeting friends again, remembering good times, and hearing stories about the intersections of lives. Then, we took some time to travel and visit some dear friends....I love, love, love reconnecting with people who mean so much. Hopefully, I will round out this week by getting to see a dear friend from childhood who moved away.  Carol has such a tender piece of my heart to this day....

     I mentioned to Tom that I am so utterly frustrated with the way that life is today. The overwhelming busy-ness and distance makes it so hard to really keep connections going.  

     I need to confess something. I feel a little guilty with how I (unknowingly) made Tom feel. In the midst of traveling (to help settle some of this gypsy soul of mine) I didn't realize that I kept saying "I could live here", "Wouldn't this be a great place for you to get a job?". Unfortunately, he interpreted this as unhappiness. When really, I just miss my people. I am unsettled with having to drive 1, 2, or 3 hours to really reconnect and visit. Truly, I was simply trying to tell my friends how much I miss them, not that I was unhappy with where I am or how my life is. Luckily, the misunderstanding was cleared up, but I did learn that I have to be careful (still? really?) about how I say things. He is where I want to be. Wherever that is. Always.

     So...counting today...

kids covered in sand
bright beach towels
beach reading
conversations with Rae
kites on the beach
helping Joe ride the waves
Max walking with arms raised
Max's third word ~ Joe
Nags Head, NC
reconnecting with Mari Tere
Mass with the Youth Apostles
Ana Marie and Family
Helen and Family
Fr. Jack and Fr. Peter
reconnecting with Beth
Joe and Ellie playing
Lebanese taverna (and Beth to myself)
Joe and daddy day
reconnecting with Paige and family
hearing Paige sing
listening to Molly sing "Cats"
talking with Anna about horses
seeing Beth twice in one week
comfortable silences
watching Tom be silly
reconnecting with Chris and Shelly
time alone with Tom
seeing Joe make a gesture that is his dad's
friendships through time
Max laughing
murals from nothing
painting and laughing with Rachel
Joe's gratefulness for Lego's
coming home to our little world

Sweet girl

Joe and his kite
Gratefully sharing at Ann's today:


  1. Carol has all our hearts tucked into her suitcases to deliver them to you and your family. And, yes, it's good to remember that we all never get tired of hearing that our loves choose to be with us, no matter what else tugs at their heartstrings.

  2. One of the songs at our wedding was "Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go". Sometimes that takes us hours and even days away from "our people". I know what you mean and know that being with him is where you truly want to be!

  3. I'm visiting from Multitudes on Mondays. I try to visit a few each week. I really love your list. Nothing better than vacation and "windshield" time with your husband and family. Thanks for sharing.


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