Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just thinking....and listening...

     When I wrote my belated post on Monday, I really believed that I would be back to writing daily...and I do have plenty of hopes, dreams, ideas to write about. So what is wrong with me? Well, aside from the fact that I have a very busy toddler, (read, into everything, walking, and cute as a button), I am also planning for Joe's schooling, keeping up a house that seems to breed dust and paper piles, and wanting so desperately to catch up with friends and family. The summer lazy bug has bitten, and so my blog just gets put away for awhile. (Not to mention the knitting sitting in the basket or the wonderful ideas for a baby quilt, or the NINE YEARS of pictures of Joe's life that need to be put into scrapbooks........oh dear....)

     How often do we do that, we women? Giving of ourselves until we can barely breathe or even remember what it is that we were doing? I am, indeed, Martha. You know. The sister who was in the kitchen while her sister Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him. I want to have that beautifully run household, create delicious healthy food for my family (and those who choose to visit this crazy household), but am I listening? To God? To Max who just wants me to play? To Joe who wants to read with me? To Tom who just wants to be with me? How many times lately have I actually said, "Mommy will be with you in a moment. I'm cleaning." I shudder to think that it has been more than once. Don't get me wrong, I do not believe that you should always be at the beck and call of your little ones. No. But. That being said, there are times when I certainly could have just stopped what I was doing. Times when I could have been listening instead of doing. After all, Jesus was telling Martha to not worry about the small things, but to concentrate on what was REALLY important. A lesson that for some reason is taking me longer to learn than I ever anticipated.

     I have several lovely blogs over on my sidebar, but I need to tell you that lately I have truly been thirsty for what my friend Misty has to say. In one of her latest posts she speaks of blogger's block, and really, as the tears came down, I was simply whispering "yes. i know.". 

    I, too, am unsure if I have anything to say that is what others want to hear, and I clam up... (And who cares how many people read it? Well. Sure. We all want to be heard at times....)  I don't really know what the future of this blog will be. It may simply fade off like so many other ventures that I have started. Or it may also be a way for me to stay connected to other Martha's who want to be Mary's. There is strength in others, and I am one who needs others.

     So as I get ready to plunge into the depths of the Fall, experiencing "school" like never before, I am going to be aware of LISTENING. My home may just have to be a tiny bit neglected because the people in it need to be nurtured and fed and listened to.

     We need more times like this:

     And really, who cares if my family room looks like this?

And if someone does care, they don't really understand the love and life happening here...

What matters are these precious faces:

     So I am giving thanks today for all of the ways that God helps me to slow down, listen, and remember why I am here in the first place.....


  1. Tom Brunner-- the husbandAugust 18, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    LOVE IT!!! Very glad to hear this coming out of your cute mouth (well, off of your cute fingers since you are typing not talking). Anyway, now, I can just say "remember what you wrote in your blog" when you don't want to snuggle one the couch even when Max's toys are all over the living room. I simply adore you!

  2. Oh my and Misty read my mind! I definitely go through these times- I often wonder how so many of the women who's blogs I read do it- where do they find the time??? I especially related to her #4- and often I think catering to what we think others want to read takes away from the authenticity.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mary Jo,

    This is such an open, heartfelt post. It is so beneficial for us moms to hear that we are not alone! When you wrote about saying "Just a minute" to your children I was cringing. I do that way too often. After reading your post the other day I decided to just say yes the rest of the day. Boy did we have fun. I felt so relaxed just going along and doing what my little ones asked of me. Even for an afternoon now and then, I am going to try to practice the art of "yes".
    And, of course, your kind words about me made me feel blessed. At least our blogging has brought me this valuable friendship! Thank you!!

  4. Listening here at your blog, and agreeing. :)


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