Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Crest ~ From the heart of a nine-year-old

     Sometimes, you just aren't sure that what you teach and try to nurture is actually getting through. Repeating things over and over, gently reminding, reading, and again repeating. And sometimes, the fruits come in unexpected ways.

     This summer, we have continued on a s-l-o-w course of study. We are always praying and talking about faith and at times have sprinkled in some Math, Science, lots of reading, exploring nature, and a little bit of Reading Comprehension.... (Keeping those brain synapses firing is sometimes a challenge, and so a really good bike ride or swim can help as well.) Summer, after all, is about taking a step back, relaxing, and living easily.

     However, I have to share this with you. One of the paragraphs that I gave Joe to read was about Heraldry and coat of arms. He then had several questions to answer and at the end of the page there is a "Think About It" section. The one for this passage instructed him to think about things that are important to the family, and create a crest or coat of arms that would describe them.

     Here is Joe's coat of arms and what the symbols mean:

Hearts:  For love, of course, and each heart represents someone. Mom. Dad. Joe. Max. The two babies that we have lost. The last three are interesting. One represents all of the animals of the family. One represents all family members that are living. One represents all family members who have died.

Cross: "Because Jesus and God and faith are at the center of everything."

Black and White Stripes: These represent the colors of Joe's pets, Cleo and Sasha. 

     Currently, our coat of arms is in our learning room, near Joe's desk. As we go through this next year, learning and growing together, I can't imagine a better piece of artwork to help us in our journey. Somehow, a child who is rather introverted has outwardly captured what it means to live in faith, surrounded by the communion of saints, and recognized the joy of love of family.

     As I read my prayers or when I need a moment to take a deep breath, this crest will help to steady my wildly beating heart. It will help me to remember that sometimes, the things that I say or teach really do get through.....


  1. What a gift from your Joe to all of us! Hug him for me, please.

  2. Precious. I am looking forward to your homeschooling journey through the year ahead.

  3. This is beautiful. What a sweet spirit your Joe has. A great example of why Christ wants us to be as little children.

  4. That's what I call a pay day, Mary Jo. When your child draws something that has Christ at the center and love all around it, you know you are going down the right path. How cool is that coat of arms!


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