Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ {Whole....sort of}

Today's prompt from The Gypsy Mama is WHOLE...


There really must be something wrong with me.... For I am always drawn to the imperfect. The broken. The missing. Things that appear to be whole, but really, are a mosaic of pieces....
I fell in love with our first home because it was over 100 years old and was 2800 square feet of brokenness. Missing walls. Chunks of plaster on the floor. Electricity from the '30's. And I loved every bit of that hot mess. Together, my darling Tom and I (and a whole host of loving friends and family) built that house back up into a home. And yet, as "whole" as that home became, we never forgot the pieces that put it together....

Maybe I am drawn to the pieces of things because I know that although my home is full  of the people and love that it contains, I can never really call myself....or them... truly whole. For it is all of those broken bits of pain and love intermixed that creates a whole....

For my heart, with it's God-sized hole, is forever being patched and filled and remade...and this journey, this path, is such a joy as each piece is placed.


So come along and join in the fun.... Write for 5 minutes. Pour out your heart. And share some love with others here:



  1. There is such beauty in putting things back together, isn't there? Maybe that's why God is in that business!

  2. I love this! I sell vintage junk and I really do like things cracked or chipped, rubbed with love. Shiny and new rarely catches my eye (unless it's a car, or electrical work, or plumbing!) I think we have an affinity for worn out and broken because we are that, too :) blessings, aly

  3. Well done. I enjoyed reading your 5 minutes. Mine sent me into a little bit of writer's block the last two minutes.. but I was interrupted by a phone call from my hubby.. He's very much like that too: loves the broken, the destitute, the slums of the earth type people. He opens his world, his heart to help while I leer and try to hold my critical nature close to my heart...

  4. To see the beauty in broken things.....truly this is Christ. Lord, give me eyes to see the beauty in the broken places of my life. May I faithfully walk towards the promise, the hope, the wholeness found in each one, when placed in your hands.

    Just beautiful. Thank you for posting this!

  5. Oh, this is beautiful -- how you see the beauty in the broken, how you seek restoration to what needs healing and repair! (And I love, love old houses, too!) Thank you!


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