Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty ~ Happy ~ Funny ~ Real

 { Pretty }

I just adore Fall, and this tree, Joe's dogwood tree, is the prettiest thing in my yard right now. The sunlight through the leaves makes it look as if it is a tree on fire.

{ Happy }

 I loved watching Joe help Max during Halloween. He helped him with his costume, and held his hand when they went trick-or-treating at Grammie's. It made my heart smile to see them be so happy.

You should have seen Max run to daddy in his costume. He was incredibly happy that he was home, and kept showing him the star attached to his wizard's hat....

{ Funny }

As we savor the last few cool-ish days of Fall, we stopped at a park after school. Here's my monkey Joe. (And if you listen closely, you just might hear the ooh ooh aa aaa sounds he's making.) Funny kid.

{ Real }

See this lovely cookie jar? My Grandma Krystofik made it in a pottery class. I remember it sitting on her kitchen counter (and usually filled with homemade treats, like her nut bars). I also remember it sitting in my mom's kitchen.... And once I had started a home and began to make cookies, my mom handed it to me. It looks so cheerful in my kitchen, and brings back fond memories.... 
And then.

This happened.....

Wow. Talk about crying the ugly cry. It's just a cookie jar, I KNOW that. But. When you've had a bad day and just want to bake up some love for your family, you don't expect your treasured jar to fall apart in your hands. 
Funny thing is, my grandma would laugh....because if you notice closely, it's already been glued once (twice?) before. Our hearts are like that. Cracking, breaking, and glued back together with love of family. 

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