Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saint's Day

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Today, as we celebrate the feast of All Saint's Day, may you recognize your beauty, and the gift of your life. You are a unique soul created by God. (How wonderfully amazing is that?!)

This lovely prayer is taken from the Collect:

God our Father, source of all holiness,

the work of Your hands is manifest in Your saints, the beauty of 

Your truth is reflected in their faith.

May we who aspire to have part in their joy
be filled with the spirit that blessed their lives,
so that having shared their faith on earth
may we also know their peace in your kingdom.

As you lift your eyes to the heavens today, and recognize the great gift of all of God's saints, may you meditate on the fullness of life that awaits us in heaven. I don't know about you, but I just love the idea that we are all connected, even after this, our earthly life.

Also, as Advent approaches, I love the idea of traveling with the saints toward the manger. I am pondering this book:

Advent with the Saints
Along with brief reflections on the daily readings, there are saintly connections included as well. All of this, in order to help us slow down and savor the beauty of the Advent season. The season of waiting. The season of hope.

Won't you join me in traveling to the manger?

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  1. Oh yes! And please share what you glean from your book with us as well.

  2. Hi Mary Jo!
    Happy All Saints Day to you too! I haven't posted our All Saints celebration with our homeschool yet from today, but I will :) I love learning about all the saints incredible lives along with my children! Thank you for linking up to NOBH! Nice to "meet" you! :)
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

  3. I love learning about this...thank you for sharing!
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH


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