Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving multitudes... #505-533

Allow me to introduce you to my niece, Lucy, who loved showing off her pilgrim costume when we gathered for Thanksgiving. She is just one of the many people that I am grateful for...especially this Monday after Thanksgiving.

(I wonder what the pilgrims thought about lost teeth?)

What a fabulous weekend of feasting, gathering, laughing, reminiscing, more feasting.... And just time to be together. 

While it is no secret that I simply adore my family, I am constantly amazed with how MUCH..... Time is precious, and the people in my life even more so! 

Ever-so thankful for:

gap-toothed smiles
Lindsay and Zack playing with Max
Julie's pumpkin bread (made with love!)
big breakfasts
cousin silliness in the swings
Muppets with sisters and kids
memories of original Muppet laughs
introducing Joe to "The Goonies"
listening to "The Goonies" and remembering lines by heart
road-trips home
day-dreaming of future home on the water
dreaming out loud with Tom
....."and with your spirit".....
ever-growing family gatherings
Joe loving his first fishing trip with "the guys"
gorgeous day on the water
fresh rock fish
nap time
pumpkin spice coffee
sweet potatoes piping hot
turkey-and Katie's-cranberry-orange-sauce-and-stuffing sandwich
"Because of Winn-Dixie"
shopping-planning giddiness
designing Christmas Cards
finding the perfect surprise
candles that smell of cinnamon and home
Advent wreath surrounded by greens
hot chocolate with marshmallows
Max saying "Nana" 
Aunt Julie and Max

Lance in the leaves

Sharing at Ann's today.

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