Monday, June 13, 2011

The beginning of summer ~ gifts #236-256

     As the school year winds to a close, I can feel my muscles relaxing and begin to really enjoy the sights and smells around me. Catching up with friends, pool dates, playing in the park, and roadtrips are just some of what is in store for us this wonderful time of year. Harvesting vegetables from my garden is such a delight. Well, not that we could ever survive on what I's a start, right?! Oh, and what fun it has been to show Joe the process of it all....

     And so I continue to count my blessings and joys:

Can you see the baby squash!?

baby squash
home school convention with wonderful speakers
conversations with Kevin and Jody
laughing at Tom's silliness
"Weaving Women" church group
sweet ice cream treat
losing 6.1 lbs (in one week!)
Katie's sweet 2 year old hugs
coconutty smell of sunscreen
sun on my face (and shoulders!)
fresh cucumbers
fresh mint (spearmint) in my tea
vegetables continuing to grow
walks with Cleo
Tom's shrimp on the grill

curlicue tendrils from the cucumbers
smell of warmed earth
wicked thunderstorms
full rain barrel
rainshowers that quench the thirsty garden
flowers kissed by the sun

Come to Ann's place and see what others are thankful for:


  1. The smell of the warmed earth. Yes. I only smelled in VA. I have never smelled the same smell when I lived in CA, HI, or MA. Welcome summer.

  2. Oh, yes, those much needed rainshowers... loved your summer-y list of goodness and grace!

  3. Food grown from a home garden is the best! I loved seeing your garden pictures:)


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