Monday, June 6, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays ~ #201-235

     It really is rare. True friendship. When you find one, make sure that you cling fast to it. It is such a gift. Such a balm for the spirit. Having a friendship like Whitney's creates a peaceful place in my heart.... And now, here we are over 10 years late. Our husbands are friends, too, and our children have become playmates....Times spent together are easy. Joyful. Playful. Wonderful.     
     This past weekend, we were lucky enough to go camping with them (and others!) and enjoy just being together.... Here are some things that I am grateful for:

pink sky sunrises on the lake
Max's first camping trip
Max sleeping soundly in the tent
sleeping on a cot overlooking the lake
dreaming in the hammock
watching Tom play with the boys
dogs romping in the sand and water
laughing at Cleo who takes our chairs...

the friendship of Whitney, Stacy, and Zach
Sara and Brad
Tara and Clark
finding the dog of the campers next to us (we said that we would watch him....and he escaped....)
making new friends
riding bikes with Joe
old-fashioned ice cream stand

(*photo courtesy of Whitney!)

traditional S'mores
S'mores made with Ritz crackers (now that's yumminess!)
Whitney's laughter at the silliness of Brad and Stacy
the smell of impending rain
lightning on the lake
the sound of raindrops on the tarp
the safety (and dryness) of a tent when the rain comes
stories 'round the campfire
showering optional
nap times are encouraged
dinner from the grill
watching Max eat watermelon
cool breezes
swimming with Joe
watching Joe and Zack "fish"

sunsets over the water

new crescent moon

friends who watch over your children
hard-won friendships that stand the strains of this life...

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  1. Dear Mary Jo,

    This is quite a post. One I would have liked to have written. I always wanted to camp. My husband never wanted to camp. We didn't camp. SO I really enjoyed living vicariously through your camping pictures. I am visiting you via Ann's this Multitudes on Monday. I like to "visit" those who post right before me and right after me on Mondays. You posted right before me today.

    I also had a bit of a tear in my eye as you wrote about your couple friends. My husband and I have a couple we are really close to. We had lunch with them on Sunday. He has brain cancer and not much time (I don't think he does, anyway) He is so positive and is now ready to see his Jesus. She is so encouraging, but is really worried. If you think of it from time to time, please pray for Cindy and Bob.

    It was good being here, Mary Jo.

    Bless you,

  2. Your post created such wonderful images in my own mind like the coziness of rain on the tent, time around the campfire and I might have to try smores made with Ritz now! Your sunset and crescent moon photos were beautiful!

  3. What a fun trip it was! So blessed to have you and Joe and Max to spend it with. I will forever have imprinted in my mind the time spent with Baby Max in that hammock. Priceless! And you are right... we are very fortunate to have the friends that we have. Husbands and wives have to promise to stay together through thick and thin. It's amazing to have friends who willingly do the same.

  4. I have never had s'mores with ritz crackers.

  5. This is such a lovely, lovely list! What a wonderful camping trip--so many memories made. And you are right--great friends are a gift from the Lord that just keeps giving and giving. So thankful you are so blessed! :)


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