Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays ~ Father's Day ~ #257-280


Tom and Joe reading

     How truly lucky I am. For my life is filled with incredibly wonderful men who show guidance, love, and faith. I thank God that my dad, my husband, my uncles and brothers-in-law are men that I can turn to, rely on, trust. Before they passed on, my grandfathers were, too. Wishing, still, that I could have known Tom's dad...

     And oh how I hope that my sons follow in the steps of these wonderful people in their lives and become men of virtue. Of faith. Of honor. It is my most fervent wish.

     I am grateful for:

Joe trying to get Max to say "mommy"
lazy Monday summer mornings
watching Harry Potter with Joe
Kahlua brownies
Mass as a family
prayers whispered with Joe
a teacher who understands my child
books in the mail
crisp white sheets (dried on the line)
play dates with friends
handwritten notes
"How Great Thou Art"
breakfast with Kristin and Sarah
golf with Whit and Stacy
laughing at Tom's silly expressions
"six-ish" as a golf hole score
that perfect drive down the fairway (rare!)
finding the ball in the woods
singing at the top of my lungs
"Closer to Fine"
Joe laughing at Calvin and Hobbes
new car with a sunroof
drawings from Lindsay
dad's voice

My dad and Max

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  1. Absolutely love the reading in bed photo! The best place to read and the best example to see Dad reading too!

  2. lazy summer Monday mornings too! Thanks for sharing your list!


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