Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer schedule and opportunities ~ or something like it


     Many mama's out there are absolutely fantastic about being organized and scheduled. I YEARN to be one of them. I try. I do. But then again, I have a baby who wants to pull all of the books off the shelves, a nine year old who pulls out all of his Highlights and National Geographic magazines to find "that one reallllllly cool picture" and a husband who....well....it's a complicated dance. A dance where both of us are not always in sync and we lose the rhythm. So there are often simple looks that convey the meaning. The there-is-the-laundry-basket-please-please-for-the-love-of-me-please-just-put-your-socks-in-there. Oh. and then, because he's a handy helper kind of guy, there are always random screws, nails, tools, and various garage-type things strewn about. And then summer comes. And the waltz of laziness slowness can quickly become the hip-hop jump around messiness.... Oh how I want the slowness, the easiness, the gentleness of summer. 
     So as I read my friend Misty's post this morning, I got all giddy and found myself nodding my head in agreement. I, too, remember what it was like growing up in my little town. Riding bikes until mom (mine or someone else's as it really was the first "neighborhood watch") called us in. Then after dinner, riding AGAIN until we couldn't see the bike in front of us.  Climbing that perfect tree with the perfect arm branches to read in. Having quiet time with mom as she would read to us great classics with some silly stories thrown in. Spontaneous art projects to let the creative spirits out. Catching fireflies and housing them in a mason jar. Special times on almost a zero budget....

     I hope to continue the tradition by doing some of the same things with my boys. Following Misty's lead, here is a list of some of the quiet activities that I want to schedule in this summer:

1 ~ reading time in the tree house or hammocks

2 ~ taking our projector outside to have an outdoor movie night
       (project it on a sheet and snuggle up to enjoy...)

3 ~ begin Science a little early with a Nature study ... I love the ideas on   
       this website, and the challenges...Exploring the outside world helps us to
       be closer to the whispers of God. Truly.

4 ~ write to our adopted child, Maria, from CFCA and maybe send her
       something that Joe has drawn

5 ~ spend more time in prayer ~ say the rosary, listen to stories of the saints,
       memorize some scripture

6 ~ quiet activities that are already favorites: puzzles, LEGO's, Play-doh,
       summer skills workbooks

7 ~ read and listen to great stories that make us wonder (Two that I have
      planned are: Misty of Chincoteague and The Trumpet of the Swan. These
      are books that my mom read to me and my sisters. Of this are memories

8 ~ take a walk where no one is allowed to speak. (This is WAY harder than it
      sounds, by the way. Especially when you see something really fascinating.)
      Then, when you come home, try to remember what you saw and share.

     So what quiet activities are you planning on? Next week, I hope to share some of our active ideas. And if you haven't read Misty's blog yet, please be sure to do so. She has some wonderful ideas to help you on the way to being more organized. Trust me. (My clean kitchen today is thanks to her Simple summer cleaning list. It's good stuff.)

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  1. Great ideas, Mary Jo. I will definitely check some out! By the way, does your laundry basket have a lid? I found out that simply taking the lid off and removing that extra step meant more clothes get inside the hamper than ever. Even if it is just because the boy (well, my husband) plays hoops into the basket ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your list with us too, Mary Jo. Wish I could come over for outdoor movie night. That sounds so cozy and fun! (Glad your kitchen is clean today - mine is not!!)

  3. I love the silent walk idea followed by narration. That is great! I think we'll be giving it a try soon. Thanks!

  4. Gaby ~ oh my goodness. my husband laughed so hard when he read your post. (and then he looked at me and said....so true. sorry honey.) :) and yes, the top has been off for some time now.

    Misty ~ it didn't take long for that kitchen to get messed up. :) loved your list.

    Serena ~ tell me how your walk goes! have fun.


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