Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days ~ For Life {Day 1}

"The promotion of the culture of life should be the highest priority in our 
societies...If the right to life is not defended decisively as a condition for all other rights of the person, all other references to human rights remain deceitful and illusory." 
Pope John Paul II

I believe that most people I know would say that I am a passionate person. I love my family and friends and my faith with an intensity that can overwhelm people and probably puts them off a bit. If your aren't careful, I may give you an unwanted hug or squeal a little too loud when I am excited for you. 

This passion, however, comes at a price. My heart is forever on my sleeve and I get deeply hurt and very troubled about many things. 

But honestly, the one thing that has always gripped my heart and soul with passion .... is the plight of the unborn children of the world.

Even our wonderful nation, the one that I call home, and the one that claims to be one of the most developed nations of the world is failing. Failing to recognize that it is the place of one of the world's worst holocausts.... We have allowed an entire generation to become non-existent because of two Supreme Court cases that should never have been upheld. (And the woman who brought it about? Jane Roe? Well. She regrets her decision. Painfully so. )

Over the next month, as I join in with a blog-link party, I am going to blog about this cause that I feel so passionately about. 

Let me be clear, because I recognize the passion on both sides of this issue, and have been caught up in some painful, heated discussions, I want people to feel safe about talking about this:

We should never condemn a woman for her choice ~ this is not our role.
We should never allow anger to enter in our discussion ~ that is fruitless.
We should never forget that healing and reconciliation are possible ~ our God is bigger than our failings.


We should continue to pray for those women contemplating abortion, and for their babies.
We should continue to pray for all of those women who chose abortion and for their children.
We should continue to ask for guidance on how to live in a world where it is legal to end a human life.... 
We should contine to bring awareness to this tragedy that is hurting women. And men. And children. 

With all that we know, with all the advances that we have made, how can we remain silent about this?! We need to raise our voices for the ones who have no voice.

Won't you join with me in praying about this, and possibly thinking of ways to fight this? 

Here is the link to The Entire 31 Days Community, a party that I am a little late attending, but attending nonetheless.  It is where you can blog about something that you are passionate about. Be sure to check out the many others who are putting words to their passions. 

(A big Hat Tip to my blogger friend, Misty, who is just a little more with it than I am... as I am following up on her suggestion to blog for 31 days. Please be sure to check out her blog as well!)

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  1. What a wonderful topic to focus on for 31 Days! Beautiful!


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