Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ {Unique perspectives}

{ pretty }

Yes. I realize that it is a worm. But do you KNOW what these little ones do for my garden (and yours)? Whenever I see a wriggly earthworm, I recognize it as a pretty little gift from God to help my garden grow. A pretty gift covered with dirt. I like that.

{ happy }

One of my greatest childhood memories is climbing trees. Oh how I loved to grab a book and snuggle into the arms of the neighboring oak tree (and I was devastated to learn that it is now gone).... SO it made me so very happy to see that Joe has really taken to trees as well. I found him in "his" dogwood out front. I also loved that I had to call him several times to come in for dinner....smiling the whole time because I *knew* what it felt like to not want to leave the safety of a tree. 

{ funny }

I truly should have taken a video of Max on the swings. The hysterical sounds and laughter made me laugh as well.... I think that you can see his funny personality here.

{ real }

Mail. Actual surprise-in-your-mailbox-look-who-took-the-time-to-think-of-you mail. My college roomie, Paige, sent me this sweet chocolate bar and even sweeter letter. As soon as I post this, I am going to sit down and write her a REAL letter back. Real friendship. Real mail. Just. Real. 

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  1. Oh Max is so cute! Those M&M eyes are to die for!! My boys and Joe would truly have a ball in the trees behind our home. They are finally able to climb again - tick season is officially over - it went on forever this year. Your friend's care package is the best. I, too, looooovvvveee snail mail. Have a blessed weekend dear friend!

  2. Very cute pictures! Did you eat the chocolate bar yet? :)

  3. Always nice to connect with college pals;) Sounds like a sweet friend!!


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