Monday, October 24, 2011

Gratitude for Life ~ {Day 7}... #486-504

Life is beautiful. Truly. How lucky we are to recognize the incredible beauty around us, and to experience all that this life has to offer....


I have a confession to make. I really do not know what I am doing when it comes to blogging and seem to make more mistakes than anything else. At times I am frustrated because that tiny perfectionisitic part of me is just sad that things don't look like they should, or the words do not flow quite as freely. Stumbling around seems to be the status quo for me lately. (In the blogging world as well as the real world.)

And yet. 

As the tears flowed as I read Misty's post this morning, I was once again reminded of why I am doing this. (It seems that I owe a lot to her. Several times, she has lifted my heart. Thank you, my friend.)

I do know that there are things that I want to say. There are words and phrases on my heart that are bursting to be let out. 

So despite the sometimes not-so-pretty blog posts, I recognize that I do have a story... and I am grateful for this life.

And more than anything else, I recognize the precious gift of life itself. I hope to never take it for granted, for I know that because I am alive, I can experience all of the silliness and yes, even the heartaches. I pray that our country will come to recognize the beautiful uniqueness that we humans are....beginning at conception....

Counting today with the gratitude community at Ann's...I am grateful for:

baby hugs from Max
singing "Wicked" songs with Joe at the top of our lungs
car rides filled with laughter
violins at Mass
sister time peppered with fabulous food 
Thai iced tea
laughing at Bobby
cousin love shown by Lance and Joe
long walks with my sister and children and nephews
cool breezes 
crunchy leaves underfoot
watching an earthworm bury underground
boys on swings
Cleo greeting us after a weekend away
neighbors who love our dog
the knowledge that human life is the most precious gift
crackling fires
Tom...who loves me anyway

Also sharing with the entire 31 days community

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