Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A video of Life.... {Day 6}

I often think about how it must have been "back in the day" when our mothers and grandmothers experienced their pregnancies without the help of ultrasounds. There is no doubt that they connected and bonded with their babies, and yet, I recognize how lucky we are to live in a time of technology that has allowed us to "see" into the womb and visually connect with the little one growing inside. 

There is a wonderful ministry out there called "Truth Booth", and you can find out more about it HERE. The following is information from their website:


A "Truth Booth" is an unmanned display showing 3D and 4D ultrasound images of the child in the womb. It provides information about pre-natal development and pregnancy in a visual form for people to process without cumbersome words or confrontation.
The "Truth Booth" is factual, scientific, creative, gentle and informative in its content presentation, allowing all age groups to comprehend our early development with clarity. It is simply pictures of the developing child, not a provocation for controversy.
The display unit is ideal for local shopping malls, schools or other public or private arenas.

Their mission is one of peace. Of hope. Of Life. And it is done in a gentle way that is also quietly strong. It clearly shows that yes, in the womb .... HERE. IS. LIFE. 

View the beautiful images of developing life...Here....  (And be sure to watch until the end. See the baby smile at week 34. Just lovely.)

Joining in with the 31 days community


  1. You know the whole debate about whether pregnant women thinking about terminating their pregnancies should be shown an ultrasound picture of their baby or not? I don't get it. When I thought there was something wrong with my kidney and the doctor did an MRI to see if there was something there, you better believe I wanted to see pictures of my kidney before he did anything else. The dentist shows you your cavity in x-rays before he or she fills it. If you are about to have an invasive procedure in your uterus, whether you believe you are carrying life or not, why would you not want to see what they will "remove." I don't get it...

  2. Gaby, that is a really great point. This is all part of the idea of deception, truly. Dr. Nathanson, an ex-abortionist, who became a champion for pro-life, believed that one of the most powerful weapons is the ultrasound, because when you see that baby, no matter the stage of development, there is no denying that it is a life...a human life... I don't get it either, really.


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