Friday, October 7, 2011

What if? ~ {Day 4}

It seems that the whole world is in mourning over the death of Steve Jobs. He was truly an icon. Someone who had a dream....and made it come true. 

How blessed we have all been by his fulfilled dreams. 
By his innovation. 
And his very LIFE.

Life. He was able to have one because his birth mother allowed for him to be born even though she was unable to take care of him. Another family, desperately seeking a child, was able to take him in, love him, and support him. 

I loved this article in the Wasthington Times

Especially the ending....   the author, John Paul Cassill, says:

What would a world look like in which Steve Jobs had been aborted?
Out of the 52 million abortions in the US in the past 38 years, how many other Jobs’s have we extinguished?
I find it amazing that we are STILL asking ourselves this question. We are still questioning whether or not   a baby in the womb is a a human being. We are questioning if it is a life. 
When are we going to wake up?!
Please continue to keep those women contemplating abortion in your prayers. They need to be comforted. To be heard. To be helped.....

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