Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {Mid-October}


We will be visiting my sister this weekend...and I remembered that I still had the baptismal gown that I borrowed for Max.... After washing it, I was struck by the sunlight as I hung it on the line to dry. Lovely.


Happiness is cousins and warm puppies, right? Our dog Cleo, my niece Lucy, and Joe. I never wanted their visit to end. They are all so good for each other.


Joe has a way of always entertaining Max, especially as I'm preparing dinner, and I am so grateful! This is the silliness that happened yesterday....


Lately, I have been very emotional about my family. I know that I only live an hour from my parents and my sister Rachel and her family....but it's still too far. I adore this picture of Max and Pop-Pop (my dad) doing "head butts". Family connectedness is so real.

round button chicken


  1. Beautiful pictures of family time. It's wonderful and heartwarming to see love that spans generations. Grandparent and child is such a special relationship.

  2. Love the boys goofing in the kitchen and the head butts are adorable. Wonderful photo memories.

  3. We wish we had family that lived closer as well. We seem to be flung all over the country.

  4. Love the boys in the kitchen together!! And I understand the distance away from family... some days are definitely harder than others. WE will be moving soon... but it's not any closer to either set of grandparents :(

  5. I like the picture of the happy trio - how nice it is to have company!


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