Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gifts {PHFR}

pretty }

Joe and I planted these beauties right around Thanksgiving and loved watching the progress. To go from ugly brown bulbs to fragrant living flowers? Loveliness. While they did open on Christmas Day, they toppled over and broke from the weight. SO. They now sit on my windowsill and the butterfly fairy keeps watch.

{ happy }

Oh how I loved visiting with my family over the holidays! So many moments like this one, with Max and Pop Pop watching silly Elmo songs.... It makes me continue to thank God for my family and for the blessed time that I have with them.

{ funny } 

"The Millennium FALCON! I've always wanted this!" Thanks to Aunt Julie and Uncle Geoff, I was able to snap this little gem. Star Wars and Lego's are the current favorites, so this gift? This was the perfect combo.

{ real }

SO. I love the jarred candles that portray Jesus, Mary, and the Saints. I do. However, I have never bought this particular one. (Maybe it's because the visual always scared me as a child, I don't know.) My darling niece, Lucy, had other plans, though. This was her gift to me this Christmas. I love the story about how she chose it best of all. She told her mommy (my sister Rachel) "This one's for Auntie Em." Rachel, who knows me so well, said, "Well, how about this one of Mary?" Lucy looked right at her and said, "No. She NEEDS this one." Then Rachel turned it over and saw the prayer and part of it read, "Come to Me all you that labour and are burdened and I will refresh you." Well then. When I received it, I hugged that sweet soul so tightly and whispered a thank you. And I have been turning to Him more.... (It should also be noted that Lucy chose a candle for "help for the injured" for my Aunt Joany who broke her leg right before Christmas. And no, she didn't read the back. She was led to it. By the Spirit.) Thanks be to God.

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