Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinning it Down {Mini Breakfast Frittatas}

Joining in with Sarah today... sharing how Pinterest is more that just a place to put stuff. It's a place to be inspired. And to do something. 


Feeding my family is one of my favorite parts of my job ... I have always loved playing around with recipes and tossing things in the pan. And when I know that not only have I made something healthy, but that they love what I make? Bonus.

However. One of the hardest parts is planning ahead. My focus and prayer this year is to look to the future (not TOO far, or then I get a little paralyzed), decide what I would like to do, and then DO IT

So. In order to get more protein into my family's diet, I started to look for recipes with eggs that I could refrigerate or freeze. And I found this one from Family Fun. Now, I've made these before, for when we had guests.... why not for my sweet family that I am with everyday?! 

I also love recipes that are flexible. This particular one is almost like making individual omelets. You can have as much or as little seasonings or add-ins that you want. The one in the picture below has turkey bacon, garlic, onions, and spinach. Joe's comment was, "Mommy. This. Is. Delicious." Perfect.

I also had several potatoes that I needed to do something with (you know, a 15 lb. bag from Costco) so I looked up several recipes and found this one. The original is from Seasalt with Food.

Have you ever made Hasselback potatoes? I thought that they looked so restaurant-like and end up with a salty-crispy outside and creamy inside. A perfect baked potato in my opinion.

Next time, I am going to make several batches!

(Oh yes. Everything tasted wonderfully this morning, and I knew that my boys were ready for the day. )

Joyfully joining in with Sarah today:

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