Monday, January 23, 2012

Stand up for Life

"...we will stand up every time that human life is threatened. When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, we will stand up and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life. When a child is described as a burden or is looked upon only as a means to satisfy an emotional need, we will stand up and insist that every child is a unique and unrepeatable gift of God, with the right to a loving and united family..."
~ Pope John Paul II, Homily at the Holy Mass at the Capital Mall, October 7, 1979 ~

Have you ever marched on Washington? 
Has anything touched so deep in your soul that you HAD to act? 
I can honestly tell you that there is absolutely nothing like it. Nothing compares to walking in solidarity with over 250,000 people. Marching for a purpose. 
Marching for humanity. 

Growing up Catholic, I have always been pro-life. It was just who we were as a family. But when I was in High School, and really came to understand what the Pro-Life movement was really about, a fire was lit within. A fire that burns even brighter today. I can remember so clearly walking with our small group and feeling as if anything was possible. Walking to the steps of the Supreme Court while praying the Rosary was truly one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences that I have ever had. There is an incredibly unseen, palpable presence in Washington that is soul-stirring. 

And you know what? This pro-life view? It is really one of the reasons that I am so in love with my husband. His unfailing belief in person hood at conception. His belief that LIFE is the most important right of all.  The miracle and wonder that is human life is first and foremost and part of his beautiful heart. While we didn't attend the same college, we met up twice at the March for Life on cold January days along with our college Pro-Life groups. To connect. To believe that the unborn deserve better.

Today is the 39th Anniversary of the March for Life. The 39th Anniversary of a decision that should never have come to the Supreme Court. When you read these LIFE PRINCIPLES, the Right to Life just makes sense...

Oh how I wish that I was there this year! .... and Tom and I have talked about making the pilgrimage again. Going to the Life Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Riding the metro with people from every state in our nation. Joining in prayer and singing from the depth of our souls the song of life. Showing our children what their lives mean, and why we know how important they are. From the MOMENT that they were created....

Today especially, please join with me in prayer for those who made the arduous journey to march for life. To march for the babies. To march for those who have no voice.....

And I leave you with this beautiful video. Whether people want to believe it or not, this affects every human being. Truly.... Take a look tonight on the news, too. You just might find that the march doesn't get the press that it deserves. People are "tired of this issue". Well..... Won't you stand up for life?

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