Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays ~ Easter thanks...

He is Risen, He is TRULY RISEN.... Alleluia. (Oh how GOOD it is to be able to say that word again with such force, such meaning.)

So how, exactly, can I continue this Easter joyfulness beyond the days of celebration? By realizing that although life has had some twists and turns lately, I can always count on the love of my family and the complete, healing love of my God. the blessings continue...

49 ~ personally experiencing the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday. Powerful stuff... (Tom's feet were washed by Fr. Mike, and then Tom, in turn, washed all of ours. To see him gently wash the feet of his baby was...breathtakingly beautiful.)

50 ~ Triduum...Holy Thursday...singing the ancient hymn of Tantum Ergo Sacramentum

51 ~ the gift of being able to proclaim the first reading and being a part of the Gospel reading on Good Friday

52 ~ the ability to be a Eucharistic Minister on Easter Sunday

53 ~ a husband who is willing to get up in the middle of the night to check on the smoker (for the cooking of the 14 lb. brisket that I decided to try. on a holiday.)

54 ~ a husband who doesn't complain when the coals get cool....

55 ~ a house filled with family and friends on Easter

56 ~ jellybeans

57 ~ chocolate peanut butter eggs

58 ~ hugs from friends who just....get it....and who listen when I need to cry

59 ~ praying mantis babies who emerged on Holy Saturday night

60 ~ celebrating the Liturgy with my Hispanic brothers and sisters....being at a Mass that is bilingual helps me to recognize the global church that we belong to...

61 ~ dyeing Easter eggs with my son and husband and loving the mess and laughter that ensues

62 ~ experimenting with natural dyes with Joe and "guessing" what the color will be

63 ~ taking Max to his first Easter Sunday Mass

64 ~ the color purple

65 ~ lavender (the color and the plant)

66 ~ flowers that color my world (and mailbox!)

67 ~ fragrant roses, ready to open up and perfume my world

68 ~ Max and my dad (Pop Pop) playing on the front porch

69 ~ family conversations around the dinner table

70 ~ "girl time" in the kitchen with my mom and mother-in-law...doing what centuries of women have, laughing, chatting

71 ~ yellow rosebush from my sisters...i missed them terribly, but they were present in spirit

72 ~ a wonderful visit with my mother-in-law (and lunch made for me!)

73 ~ laughing and joking with cousin silly!

74 ~ a lovely visit from my Aunt Joany and cousin Jason...

Come and see what others are grateful for....

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