Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worldwide Wednesday ~ {Easter}

Easter. The very word fills me with hope. With peace.... How I wish that I could say that I had just the photo that captures it all. Maybe of Easter Vigil at St. Peter's.  Or of early morning in Jerusalem. That holiest of holy days that is incredibly difficult to put into words, let alone pictures. (For how do you capture salvation?)

But here, in Chester, Virginia, Easter comes just the same. And this year, it came in a special way from my son, Joseph.

He came tearing into the house one day last week, and said, "Mommy! Here it is! Finally!"  As I unwrapped his gift ("wrapped" in newspaper and a plastic bag), the look of joy on his face was one that I wish that I had been able to capture. This is what he gave to me:

As I cradled this perfectly imperfect egg creation in my hands, my heart swelled.

Indeed, this is what Easter is about. Eggs (not just decorated and pretty) but raw, life containing vessels....

I asked Joe to tell me why exactly he made it for me. And his answer, his second gift to me was, "Well mommy. It's, you know, like new life. Jesus came out of the rock cave on Easter, and baby animals are coming out from eggs, too."  

So Happy Easter my friends, from this perfectly imperfect heart of mine. New life is all around. Enjoy...

(Today, I am linking up with fellow blogger Misty, who has a beautiful heart. Come on and join in the fun. She'll give you a prompt and you find just the picture that speaks to you.)


  1. That Easter egg your son made for you is absolutely precious, and the way he had of explaining it shows his understanding of the Easter story. This touched my heart :)

  2. isn't that just a delite!? children - precious gifts of new life from our amazing God of LIFE!
    thx for sharing.. dropping by from Misty's - FHC has a linkup for this Easter prompt as well ~
    tea's on!


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