Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worldwide Wednesday Linky Party ~ {mercy}

If you do not know about Heifer International, I encourage you to go to the website and learn about their works of compassion. They help to break the cycle of poverty by "teaching people to fish" (or farm, etc.) instead of just handing out food. In turn, the families that receive the gift of an animal must then "pass on the gift" to another family. It is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. It is life. It is mercy. (Being of Polish descent, I just loved this picture with a father, son, and their flock of sheep....)

Head on over to Misty's place for other wonderful pictures...

Poland Sheep

Poland Sheep

Meczyslaw Rodzynka, with his son, Grzegorz, 10, with Heifer International sheep in Skorodne and Podkarpacie, Poland. “There are many people in a difficult situation here in our villages. The natural conditions are perfect for sheep with pastures and hay. The price of lamb is very encouraging so it is profitable today. It is important for Heifer International donors to understand that these sheep will assist families to make a living tomorrow and in our future,” he said.

*** Disclaimer/copyright info:
This photo is courtesy of Heifer International and from their photo stream. I do not own this picture.)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful ministry. I love the sweet picture of the boy and his dad. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It is really great Patti! There are several charities that we donate too, and we just love the idea of it being for a family. (For Mother's Day one year, I gave my mother a gift card that specified that I had given a woman a bee hive in her honor....she was very touched by that!) :)

  3. Mary Jo,

    Thanks again for linking this week! You're right, this father and son photo is beautiful. I have heard of this charity but never really understood how it worked til now.

  4. This is a perfect Mothers day gift! We donated a "Gardner's basket" for Mom Burchell! Thank you for sharing this!


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