Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Compost of the Heart

          Yesterday, something made me take a picture of my compost bowl. The bowl that sits beside the sink and holds the leftovers.
                    The cuttings.
                                   The refuse of our meals. The bowl that often causes my darling husband to roll his eyes, shake his head, wonder. "Exactly what is the purpose? I've never seen you use it..."
     In truth, I have used it. It gets placed in the large-black-roll-y-ball-thingy that he bought for me so that the pile wouldn't be as unsightly. So Joe and I fill it. Roll it around.
                           Let it marinate.
                                      Let it stew, sweat, break-down.
     The purpose is to take what is left and allow it to change into something that can become helpful. Useful. Wonderful rich soil to create this:


     And what of us? What of the compost in our lives? What about the times of trial?
               Of tragedy?
                       Of painful, sorrowful, soul-growth events?
    Don't we also use those scraps? Those cuttings? Isn't that just as life-giving as the joyful times? 
     Every moment can be filled with grace if we but let it enter into our soul. For we are fertile soil awaiting the spirit.
                                         The love.
                                                     The joy.
     So yes, that bowl of scraps is simply a physical reminder of what is happening in my soul. My heart. My life. For my God is constantly renewing me with His love (and lately, His patience and understanding). And as I sift through and allow Him to make all things new, I, too, become a new creation. Ready to help my children to be fertile ground as well.
     It takes that compost.
                            Those scraps.
                                 Those cuttings....
      To grow.....


  1. That is a beautiful metaphor, "the compost of the heart". Enjoyed this, thank you.

  2. So true. All that scrap, turned into something that fertilizes, that encourages healthy, strong growth... this is so true. Bless you, and thank you for this.

  3. This is just the encouragement I needed today.
    Thank you!

  4. I love this. So encouraging! A whole new way to look at the scraps and the compost of our lives. . making something new. Changing. Love it! Came over from Ann's. Have a beautiful day!

  5. To know that God is constantly renewing us with His love is so amazing. He takes the scraps and compost of our lives and makes something beautiful. Your writing is beautiful!

  6. MJ,
    How beautiful! I love you so much Sis, and you always have the most wonderful ways of stating things, it's like poetry.
    You also always know how to make me laugh, and I was thinking after I read this, wow, this puts new perspective on my septic tank problem yesterday :) Love you! -Katie

  7. Amazing how God can create beauty out of the refuse of our lives. And it gives us stories to tell. Thanks for this great post!


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