Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Motherhood should come with...

It's that time write for 5 minutes. No editing. Just from the heart. So come along with me, the Gypsy Mama, and many others as we write about the topic for today:

Motherhood should come with....

WINGS...preferably dainty little fairy wings that would allow us to fly to whoever is hurting...wherever in the world. Sometimes this mother-heart is just too big for just the little ones under our care. We FEEL so deeply, and want to fly to those in need....

INSTRUCTIONS....not just "What to expect" books...but acual instructions that tell us exactly what to to do and how to deal with how we FEEL when the little one has a 103 temperature. Sure, we do our best...but....

BUILT-IN we don't have to rush around trying to find the darn thing, looking under couch cushions covered in cheerios when that "moment" happens. (Wouldn't it be great to just take a snapshot whenever we want?)

TIME that it was possible to stop time when the magic is so palpable that it hurts to breathe....(or, to fast-forward when the diaper know what I mean...)


ok. so. this one wasn't so great. To be honest, I had to stop several times to make sure that Max wasn't eating nails or trying to climb the stairs or attempting to ride the dog. Yes. Those things happen on a regular basis around here, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Beautiful Mother's Day to you all....especially to those women who are mothers without children, for sometimes they are indeed mothers to so many because of their love...may you be blessed.

Come on in and join here:


  1. I thought it was great:) I had to stop multiple times when writing mine kids will be entertaining themselves just fine until I set the timer and try to write for that 5 minutes straight. Who would of thought it would be so hard to get an uninterrupted 5 minutes? Maybe motherhood should come with free passes for 5 minute increments of time that can't be interrupted!

  2. I laughed at fast forwarding the diaper emergencies! :-) I bet we'll even miss the diapers someday.
    It's definitely hard to get five uninterrupted minutes. Usually I'm too tired to think by the time I get them.
    Great post! Happy Mother's day to you.

  3. I completely relate to the elusive camera(s). However, I am so glad that we took a pic of the first child trying to RIDE the dog. We haven't had a dog in 4 years. That was a priceless memory. Ha.


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