Monday, May 30, 2011

Multitudes on (Memorial) Monday ~ # 172-200

     Today, this Memorial Day, I am especially grateful for all of the sacrifices by the men and women in the armed services...that they would so willingly give their lives so that I might be able to live in this country. This country founded for freedom. Against tyranny. Where I have a voice....
     Oh sure, we all know and recognize the flaws. The pain. The sicknesses and weaknesses of a government sometimes overcome by greed. But still, if we look closely and really focus on what this country is all about, we can see such goodness. Such heart. Such connectedness bound by freedom and patriotism. God Bless America, indeed.....

     My gratitude list continues....

172 ~ my American flag waving in the breeze

173 ~ my brother-in-law, Daniel Zeytoonian, currently serving in Afghanistan
174 ~ The National Memorial Day concert on PBS (giving life to stories of Veteran's and their family members)
175 ~ backyard barbeques
176 ~ new treehouse and zipline ready for children (and adults)
177 ~ my dad grilling the chicken
178 ~ Grandpa's smoker (with mesquite chunks)

179 ~ the smell of sweet corn
180 ~ shucking corn with my sis, Rae
181 ~ watching kids on the Slip-N-Slide

182 ~ mom's recipe for coleslaw 
183 the smell of summer
184 ~ lightning bugs
185 ~ laughter in the air
186 ~ happy shouts of children
187 ~ sitting and watching friends chat and play
188 ~ cheering on Lauren (on the zipline.even though the safety strap was attached to the tree.she made it!whew.)

189 ~ Joe's smile
190 ~ chatting around the firepit 

191 ~ watching dogs romp and play
192 ~ neighbors bearing gifts of brownies and drinks and pies
193 ~ sunny sun porch yellow

194 ~ air conditioning for humid days
195 ~ ceiling fans whirling
196 ~ frosting cupcakes
197 ~  freshly brewed iced tea
198 ~  dappled sunlight through oak trees
199 ~  friends and family chatting
200~ my silly, multi-talented, adventurous husband...

What are you thankful for? Come and share over at Ann's:

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