Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Worldwide Wednesday Linky Post ~ {Mom}

Sometimes I cannot believe how very lucky I am.
For I have been given the gift of a wonderful mother...

Mary Frances (Krystofik) Olenick

(Mom and me circa 1972)

Her laughter is still like music to me....
And now my children get to hear that music...

(Nana and Max)


And then, thanks to the joining of families,
I have been given the gift of a mother-in-law

Ann Marie (Capehart) Brunner

(Grammie and Joe)

who deeply loves me, my husband, and my children 


And then....the greatest gift of all...being allowed to be called mother..
For I,

Mary Joanne (Olenick) Brunner

am constantly amazed, humbled, and strengthened by these two blessings

(Joe and Max)

I love my new names of mommy, mom, mama...
My life is full...
and I am ever so grateful for it all

 (Max and me)

Come over to Misty's Place and see other beautiful images of Mom...


  1. Tears are welling at this meaningful post Mary Jo. The first photo of your mother laughing so joyfully could be on a Hallmark card for Mother's Day!
    And again, thanks for linking! :)

  2. Beautiful post, amazing photos! Glad I found your blog through Catholic Mothers Online. :)

  3. We are truly blessed with a wonderful and an amazing mother! You have also been a role model to me, and am blessed to have both you and Rachel as my sisters. It's amazing that just the other day we were running around the front yard together, and now we're all mothers. LOVE YOU!!


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