Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays ~ Spring Continued.... #112-134

    As the world continues to turn, and the sun rises and sets, I continue to give thanks for the ordinary everyday gifts in my life. My dear friend Mary Anne Fighera  (mentor, spiritual guide, joyful heart) recently reminded me of the importance of the people in my life. She likened them to a tapestry, and each life, each thread comes together and becomes a beautiful weaving. I love that imagery and am so very thankful for so many special people in my life. I hope that with the 1,000 gifts that I am chronicling, that I will give special attention to some of those brilliantly beautiful threads that shape the tapestry of my life....

     And, too, recognize that when they have died, that the tapestry is changed and transformed. How we miss those that have gone before us! Thanks be to God that I believe that they are but waiting to greet me again. Waiting with love. Waiting with my God. Isn't that a comforting thought?!

   Here, in no particular order, are gifts #112-134

112 ~ the blooming of #10

113 ~ baby bluebirds in MY nest box

114 ~ garden growing


Onions, Zucchini, Squash
115 ~ Angie, who understands me
116 ~ Nicole, who understands Joe
117 ~ lightning forks
118 ~ reading on the sun porch...rain falling softly
119 ~ The Beaudet family
120 ~ The Leonard family
121 ~ The Shuffler family
122 ~ lemon verbena counter top cleaner
123 ~ finding the end of the doorstop (which I thought Max ate)
124 ~ Joe's willingness to help
precariously balanced bowls and plates

how did he do that?
 125 ~ Grammie Olenick's black and white checked apron with the embroidered pockets

126 ~ the wisdom and heart of Mary Anne Fighera
127 ~ the strength and beauty of Whitney's friendship
128 ~ Lebanese food festival and the wonder of spices
129 ~ Catching up and laughing with Chris Jones
130 ~ Max eating falafel (and humus, lamb, rice, tabbouleh....)
131 ~ Sumatra blend coffee made for me by Tom
132 ~ clean hardwood floors
133 ~ sweet, random, loving gifts from Tom

134 ~ the idea of a dream...

Come and see what others are grateful for here:

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