Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ On Forgetting....


As I painted the bright-as-a-sunflower yellow in the sun porch today, it made me remember all of the other wonderful-colorful rooms that I have painted....and yes, the people who color my life....

We painted the first nursery a pale yellow because we had waited so long for our little one that we (well. I.) wanted the baby's sex to be a surprise. Then my sis Rachel helped to paint a mural of a baobab tree and animals around every corner....

We painted every inch of the 2800 square foot-but-no-wall-is-square home (our first) in the city. No literally. Inside. Outside.... And when you have 10 ft. ceilings. That's a lot of paintin'!  And we had sisters, parents, friends helping us to make our shell into a peaceful dwelling

We helped our friends Whitney and Stacy paint their home....and Joe even helped some! (Again, a lovely shade of yellow.)

And we must be having a party tomorrow because we ALWAYS seem to paint right before people come over. (Some change pillows. We change colors....)

....and I so do not want to forget all of these times....

It scares me. Losing my memory. I have said good-bye to all four of my grandparents, and the reason that I write about them is that I am afraid that I will forget. The precious moments. The love. The...well...everything about them. Two of them left so quickly that you feel as if your heart stops. Two, however, began to drift away... That look that says, "I know that I know you, I know that I love you, but what is your name?" To lose people both ways is tragic.

But I'll tell you. All four of them had an incredible remembrance of faith.... Grandpa Olenick tracked the crucifix with his eyes when dad brought it to him....Grandma Krystofik had just attended Midnight Mass and read her night prayers....Grammie Olenick was able to leave peacefully with family tucked around her in prayer...and Grandpa Krystofik had just been to Rome and couldn't wait to tell us of the churches.....

They did not forget about their God. They knew God was there. Is there. Will always be there...

Oh. How I want to remember it all....For no matter if we forget...God never forgets...

(now if you will excuse me. I have to paint the bathroom. I have people coming over...)


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  1. So many memories and so much joy to hold! How desperately we try to keep it near and yet it slips through our fingers. So thankful that HE brings more joy, more grace today and every day!

  2. So cute! Such great memories. Such a great legacy. Thanks!

  3. I love how you remembered your grandparents and their passing, and particularly how their faith was integral.

  4. A beautiful tribute to your grandparents, Mary Jo. I was also blessed with godly grandparents. They had such an influence for good in my life. I hope to do the same for my own grandchildren. By the way, I enjoyed reading about your house painting. Our entire house is painted yellow on the inside. It is such a happy color :)


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